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The Rabbit Hole, Pompano, FL

After an exhausting day, I was definitely in the mood for some cruelty free comfort cuisine. I was fortunate to learn that “The Rabbit Hole” was less than an hour away in Pompano, Florida. I met the friendly owner Dee, and she recommended the “Smoke in the Woods” Southern BBQ Platter, which consisted of citrus lime marinated BBQ plant-based spare ribs, their signature “Smile Pile” vegan mac and cheese, grilled organic corn on the cob, and fresh grilled toast. I topped it off with a delicious NY vegan cheesecake (with a spiced berry topping) that was made with non-gmo soy, and I was off to the races! Yum. They had me as soon as I walked through the door and I could see that Norman Lear’s classic TV show “Good Times” was being played on a loop. The bottom line on “The Rabbit Hole” in Pompano Florida? Highly recommended, and Dy-No-Mite!  🙂
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