I have lost a brother to an autoimmune disease, two of my closest friends to cancer, three aunts to Alzheimer’s disease (two other aunts are in the early stages of cognitive decline), and I have many other family members and friends with chronic illnesses as well. There are no guarantees for any of us, but statistically, close to 80% of all chronic diseases in the United States are caused by the Standard American Diet (SAD). Ain’t that a kicker? I know that my brother didn’t have to die. And very likely, my brothers from different mothers, and my aunts too. These diseases can be prevented, effectively treated, and often reversed with a whole food plant-based diet (and a few other lifestyle changes). 

The most powerful weapon we have to fight disease is a whole food plant based diet. It is not a pill or a procedure, but rather what is on our plate that matters the most. My goal is to raise awareness of the power of a plant based diet, and help people of all ages understand the basics of nutrition, and how our food choices impact not just our health, but all beings, and our only planet. 

I became a vegan about 10 years ago for health reasons, and I now find myself perhaps even more motivated by Animal Rights, anti-War, and Mother Earth challenges as well. I hope that everyone who visits this website will consider a plant based diet, and in turn, share constructive feedback, and help spread the word of the power of health & peace promoting plant-based foods!     

Here is what I offer:
1. Website: Plant Based Diets Rock!: I hope to have this website viewed as a reliable resource for basic information on our food system, and how it impacts our health, animal welfare, and Earth. If you have any questions or comments, please click over to my Contact page as it would be great to hear from you. Almost everything that I share is evidence based, and because the subject matter can be heavy at times, I try to present the information in the most engaging, and entertaining ways possible (not that I always succeed, but that’s the goal).  
2. Public Speaker: I have a certificate in plant based nutrition, and I can come to you, and share this game changing & life saving information  with your team, employees, colleagues, friends, student body, etc. I present for about 1-2 hours, and I have been working the NYC Library circuit for the last two years or so. I love doing it, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.
3. Nutrition Coach: When I finally went vegan, and adopted a mostly whole food plant based diet, my rosacea disappeared and I lost close to 25 pounds (I wasn’t even trying to lose weight). I enjoy sharing what I know and continue to learn, so please do click on my Contact Page and let’s talk!
4. Instructor: I am also a certified Food over Medicine Instructor and I work with Wellness Forum Health in offering a workshop on health and nutrition. The workshop consists of 5 one hour classes, and a workbook that includes worksheets for each class, recipes, and a personal health assessment. The Food Over Medicine workshop costs are flexible, and I have added a few pages from the workbook below. If you are interested in more information, or registering, please let me know by clicking over to my, you guessed it, Contact page, and we can have a chat, and set it up.
I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for checking out my site!