Beyond Burgers

Beyond Meat vegan burgers are made without GMOs, which is a big deal, and why I have never tried the Impossible burger. According to the consumer group, Moms Across America, the GMO Impossible burger tested 11X higher for Glyphosate weed killer residue than Beyond Meat Burger. Yikes. The good news is that the Beyond Meat products taste great, without the GMOs! These veggie burgers are healthier alternatives to meat as they contain fiber, and have zero cholesterol, but they are not necessarily “healthy”. The best vegan burgers for your health are probably homemade veggie burgers.

Vegan Shoes

I love these Vegan running shoes from On Running. They are a bit pricey ($150), but well worth it as I wear them year round, in all kinds of weather. The Cloud Waterproof shoe has “speed laces” which means they slip on and off easily, yet still feel snug. They are also waterproof, supportive, light and comfortable. I have never been accused of being stylish, but people stop me on the street to ask about these shoes. The coolest part? They are 100% Vegan! 

Plant Based Milks

Non dairy milk is cruelty free, better for your health, and better for the environment. The link below provides a few of the many reasons why we should all avoid cow’s milk and dairy products, as well as a break down of 10 of the most popular plant milks. My sister, who is not vegan, raves about the creaminess of a plant milk called Ripple, which allows her to fully enjoy her morning cup of joe!

Vegan Alcohol?

Wait, my drink might contain animal products? I was surprised to learn a few years ago that alcoholic drinks are not necessarily vegan. For example, manufacturers often use egg whites, or fish bladders to remove yeast during the process of making wine. is a terrific resource for determining whether your drink is vegan friendly! 


The plant based egg substitute called JUST Egg is non-GMO, and Just excellent. A little salt, white pepper, and Just a non stick pan and voila, easy breezy. The product is Just a little pricey, but we found it for Just under $5. Is JUST Egg healthy? Although mung beans are one of its main ingredients, JUST Egg is processed so it likely doesn’t qualify as a health food. However, it is certainly better for our health, the animals and our only planet than eggs (no dietary cholesterol, salmonella risk, antibiotic residue, glyphosate, and hormones). In addition, one serving of JUST Egg (3 tbsp) has 5 grams of plant protein, which means that you are also avoiding the harmful side effects of the animal protein found in eggs.