The 21 Day Vegan Kick Start Program!

This free program from one of my favorite organizations,, is available in both English and Spanish and features hundreds of healthy recipes, meal plans, grocery lists, expert nutrition advice, cooking demonstrations, and more.

Order Your Free Vegan Starter Kit from PETA!

Getting started is easy! Just fill out the form to receive a free copy of PETA’s vegan starter kit. It will guide you through the transition to a healthier, happier, and longer lasting life.  

Vegan Starter Kit from Veganuary!

Veganuary is a registered charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year. 

How to Find Vegan Events!

VegEvents was created to help support people on their vegan journey by listing vegan events virtually or nearby.  They also provide support to vegan event organizers. 

The Vegan Starter Kit

Dr. Neal Barnard’s “The Vegan Starter Kit” is a terrific and highly informative guide for people who are curious about vegan diets, and even for those who are more experienced as well. I have sent out multiple copies, and I recently received this review from a friend, “I love that it’s so simple and easy to read with so much great information.” I guess that about sums it up. 🙂 

Ten Weeks to a Vegan Lifestyle with Vegan Outreach

Vegan Outreach provides a free guided challenge to become Vegan in 10 weeks. Each week you’ll receive an email full of tips and resources to help you make the switch to eating vegan. You’ll also be invited to join their 10 Weeks to Vegan Facebook group, a welcoming community dedicated to participants of this program.