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Tequila Sunrise Restaurant, Valatie, NY

A Tequila Sunrise can be likened in appearance to a stunning Mexican sunrise, and described as a beautiful orange and red cocktail made with tequila, orange juice and grenadine. I mostly stick with red wine and beer, so when I hear the name tequila sunrise, I think of the classic Eagles song by the same name. There appear to be at least hundreds of restaurants and bars in the US named Tequila Sunrise, but I bet that none of them have friendlier people than the good folks who own and run Tequila Sunrise Restaurant, in Valatie, New York. 🙂 

We visited on a hot summer afternoon, and were immediately impressed with the warm greeting, and the lovely outdoor patio and bar. We decided to eat inside due to the heat, and soon realized that there were no vegan options listed on the menu. Sara, our waitress, was a delight and could not have been more accommodating. I was eyeing the corn chips and guac menu option, and asked if she knew whether the chips were non-GMO or organic. She excused herself, and returned a minute later with a smile saying that although the chips were neither non-GMO or organic, she would be happy to substitute celery and carrots instead, along with some diced cucumbers and radishes. Boom, we were in business and I was beginning to feel excited about a big bowl of guacamole and some fresh veggies. We ordered a couple of sides of beans & rice (why am I unable to re-create those distinctive flavors at home?), as well as a tasty sizzling vegetable fajita, and we were suddenly having a great time. We chatted it up with Sara and learned that she was once a vegetarian, and that she was hoping to get back to a healthier and more appealing diet soon. I asked her for one word to describe Tequila Sunrise, and without hesitation she said “welcoming”. Sara has the kind of personality that would make anyone feel welcome, anywhere. Her fun and curious spirit is worth a trip alone.  

We also had the pleasure of meeting the gracious owners Fredi and Gabi Jimenez (Sara’s Aunt & Uncle), who explained that they were from a small town in Mexico named La Cienega, and that their “authentic” cooking style was inspired by the many wonderful flavors that can be found in Oaxaca, Mexico. I have always had a great time in Mexico, but I had never heard of Oaxaca, which is considered by many to be the food capital of Mexico. Fredi explained that he cooks with love, and that he always feels as though he is cooking for his family. We believe him, as his creations were superb, and did not disappoint! 

The bottom line? The vegan options at Tequila Sunrise in Valatie, NY, were exceptional, and made with love. How can you beat that? 🙂 

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