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Crossroads Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA

Crossroads Kitchen is an entirely plant-based restaurant that places far more emphasis on taste, texture, and ambiance, than it does on promoting a vegan message. Their approach is perfectly acceptable, as it is still a cruelty free restaurant with delicious food. And I do mean delicious. The food was so good that I started to think of their kitchen staff as artists, rather than cooks!

My lovely dining experience was elevated by the company of two new friends, and our waiter Jesse, who was warm, and energetic. We started off with the Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms which looked savory enough, but tasted even better. I then selected one of my favorite beers on the planet, Daura Damm (a gluten free Spanish beer), and the Truffle Mushroom Bianca Pizza. Wow. Although the pizza looked a little dry and pale, I was pleasantly surprised by its scrumptious flavor, as the mushrooms were juicier than I expected. My friends ordered the Linguini Scallops (with white wine, vegan garlic butter, and parsley), and the Tempeh Piccata (with lemon, caper and herbs). Both dishes exceeded their expectations as well, and if I am not mistaken, one of my companions may have even started to hum. 🙂

Our fine waiter Jesse is a songwriter and performer, who referred to the Crossroads Kitchen chef, and staff, as “amazing”. Jesse feels that Crossroads Kitchen is “the best vegan restaurant in the world”, in part, due to the resident chef’s unique ability to create “delightful new menu options each season”. Jesse referred to the patrons of Crossroads Kitchen as his people, and it was pretty clear that he loves his job. 🙂

The bottom line on LA’s Crossroads Kitchen? An enthusiastic thumbs up, of course!

Click here for a link to Crossroads Kitchen. 

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