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Plant Bae, Montgomery, AL

I had a good time at “Plant Bae” restaurant in downtown Montgomery, AL. Bree was both the server and the cashier and I don’t know what was better, her laugh and warm energy, or the food! I also met one of the cooks Ken who couldn’t have been more affable. Bree suggested the Nox Tails and Gravy dish which featured a mushroom based spicy cajun gravy over quinoa with roasted purple eggplant, and a choice of two sides (fried mushrooms and green beans). The dish also came with GF, organic cornbread and a glass of lemonade. I couldn’t resist their organic homemade walnut chocolate chip cookies too (which were scrumptious and lasted less than 2 minutes). It is funny but the vegan restaurants in this part of the world seem to place more emphasis on traditional comfort food flavor, rather than healthier dishes or non traditional seasonings. Regardless, everyone has been lovely, and the food was fun and delicious once again. The bottom line? Highly recommended! 🙂

Click here for the Plant Bae website.  

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