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How Awful is the NY Times? Let me Count the Ways

The New York Times (NYT) has blood on its hands, and it is once again trying to lie us into war. The NYT lost all credibility over 20 years ago with its repeated lies about Iraq, and its unrelenting cheerleading for war. Although the owners, editors, and writers of the New York Times behaved in a criminal way, nobody has ever been held accountable. Their pro-war disinformation campaigns contributed mightily to millions of innocent people being killed (Brown U. estimate: 4.5-4.7 million people were killed in US led post 9/11 war zones). Let’s not forget too that the NYT has also been an unconditional supporter of the Jewish supremacist state of Israel, and its murderous assaults on Palestinian civilians over that same time period as well. 
Click here to learn more from on how the New York Times still can’t face its Iraq War shame.
Click here to learn more from MIT about how the New York Times distorts the Palestinian struggle.
Click here to learn more about the 2,280 Palestinian children who have been killed since January 2000.

Unsurprisingly, the NY Times is at it once again with their recent attempts to smear peace organizations like CODEPINK, The People’s Forum, Tricontinental Institute, and anti-war activists (like myself) for advocating for truth, peace, and justice with regards to China, and other parts of the world. The NYT has made it even more personal for me as they have also tried to besmirch the character of one of CODEPINK’s co-founders Jodie Evans. I have volunteered with CODEPINK on multiple occasions over the years, and I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting both Jodie Evans, and Medea Benjamin. They are the real deal, and they have created one of the most important and influential peace organizations in the country, CODEPINK. We need more organizations like CODEPINK, and we need to start holding the warmongering miscreants in the corporate media, and at the NY Times, accountable for the catastrophic lies that have led to millions of deaths (and those that may soon lead to billions more). We have seen this movie before and if we don’t stop it soon, we will likely be faced with the prospect of nuclear annihilation.

Here are a few excerpts from a superb article from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), on the latest NY Times hit piece on peace organizations, and the people who defend China.

“A Global Web of Chinese Propaganda Leads to a US Tech Mogul,” the New York Times (8/5/23) announced on its front page. “The Times unraveled a financial network that stretches from Chicago to Shanghai and uses American nonprofits to push Chinese talking points worldwide,” read the subhead.

This ostensibly major scoop ran more than 3,000 words and painted a picture of multimillionaire socialist Neville Roy Singham and the activist groups he funds as shady agents of Chinese propaganda…So it should come as no surprise that the piece has led to a call for a federal investigation into those Singham-funded nonprofits. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sent a letter to the Justice Department citing the Times article and arguing that the groups, including the antiwar organization Code Pink and the socialist think tank Tricontinental, “have been receiving direction from the CCP [Chinese Communist Party].” Rubio concluded, “The CCP is our greatest adversary, and we cannot allow it to abuse our open system to promote its malign influence any longer.”

But what, exactly, did the Times dig up on Singham and his funded groups? Despite its length, the piece provides no evidence that either the philanthropist himself or the groups he funds are doing anything improper. Instead, the reams of evidence it offers seem to show only that Singham has a pro-China tilt and funds groups that do as well, while the paper repeatedly insinuates that Singham and his associates are secretly Chinese foot soldiers…

If you think China is evil and Communists are the devil—as you might, if you read US corporate news media (, 5/15/20, 4/8/21)—this sounds like important reporting on a dangerous man. The trouble is, there’s nothing illegal about any of this. All the Times succeeds in proving in this article is that Singham puts considerable money, amassed by selling a software company, toward causes that promote positive views of China and are critical of hawkish anti-China foreign policy, which is his right as an US citizen. If you were to replace “China” in this tale with “Ukraine,” it’s hard to imagine the Times assigning a single reporter to the story, let alone putting it on the front page. But, as Singham is boosting a country vilified rather than lionized in US news media, the Times appears to be doing its best to convey the impression that there’s something deeply problematic about it all…”
Click here for the entire piece from

Vijay Prashad is a trusted journalist who does excellent work. He recently co-authored a book with Noam Chomsky titled, The Withdrawal: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power. Vijay is the executive director of the progressive organization, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. Here are a few excerpts from a recent article of theirs that sounds a few alarm bells (even for those who know that the NY Times has promoted a pro-war agenda for some time).

“As the US government grapples with a major crisis of legitimacy, it has grown fearful of young people becoming conscious and organized to change the world. Influential media outlets like The New York Times have joined right-wing extremists in using intimidation tactics to silence these advocates for change, affecting not only the left but everyone who supports free speech and democratic rights.

The political and media establishments, both liberal and conservative, have initiated McCarthy-like attacks against individuals and organizations criticizing US foreign policy, labeling peace advocates as “Chinese or foreign agents.” This campaign uses innuendo and witch hunts, posing a threat to free speech and the right to dissent. We must oppose this trend.

Scientists, researchers, and service members of Chinese descent have been falsely accused of espionage and unregistered foreign agency, often with cases later collapsing due to insufficient evidence. Similar to the old “Red Scare” and McCarthy periods, when scores of organizations and leaders like W.E.B Du Bois, Eugene Debs, Emma Goldman, Paul Robeson and Martin Luther King Jr and others were attacked with fact-less accusations, today, prominent organizations and individuals, including CODEPINK, The People’s Forum, and Tricontinental Institute have been targeted, with smears and accusations propagated by outlets like The New York Times…

From The New York Times to Fox News, there’s a resurgence of the Red Scare that once shattered many lives and threatened movements for change and social justice. This attack isn’t only on the left but against everyone who exercises their free speech and democratic rights. We must firmly resist this racist, anti-communist witch hunt and remain committed to building an international peace movement. In the face of adversity, we say NO to xenophobic witch hunts and YES to peace.”
Click here for the full article.

Highly Recommended Podcasts

Katie Halper does great work too, and I first heard about the NY Times hit piece on her show. Here are a few notes from her website, as well as the complete interview with Eugene Puryear. Show notes (from the KH website): Journalist and author Eugene Puryear destroys The NY Times’ “pernicious, disgusting, McCarthyite and racist” smearing of anti-war activists and exposes the true motives behind the attack on organizations like CODEPINK, The People’s Forum, and Tricontinental Institute. Eugene Puryear is a journalist at Breakthrough News, and the author of Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America.
Click here to sign a petition to end this dangerous McCarthyism. 
Click here for the full interview with Eugene Puryear.
Click here for a link to the Katie Halper Show.

CODEPINK RADIO is a terrific podcast that is always educational too. Below is a link to Episode 209: China is Not Our Enemy, with host Jodie Evans. Episode Summary (from the CODEPINK website): CODEPINK’s Co-founder Jodie Evans explores how propaganda is fueling the war on China. She is joined by two Chinese American guests who prefer to stay anonymous out of fear for their safety. Their anonymity is a stark reminder of how dangerous speaking up against the powerful can be. Join us as we uncover the true motives behind this hate campaign and explore ways in which we can stand together in solidarity for peace.
Click here for the complete episode.
Click here for another excellent episode on Ukraine, AUKUS, China, and Nukes. 

Scheer Intelligence (with Robert Scheer): Why is The New York Times Burning Peace Activist Jodie Evans at the Stake
Episode Description from The New York Times has revealed what the future could potentially look like in an impending war with China. Through conjecture and innuendo-filled reporting, America’s “paper of record” went out of its way to attack one of the country’s most fierce peace movement fighters, CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans. Evans joins host Robert Scheer on this episode of Scheer Intelligence to discuss what Scheer called “one of the most vicious articles I’ve ever read in a mainstream publication.” While the (NY) Times attempted to tie Evans and her husband to the Chinese government, Evans points out the bigger picture in what the piece represents: the vilification of anything or anyone having to do with China.
Click here for the complete episode.

The New York Times and Ukraine

I couldn’t find many assessments of the New York Times’ coverage and lies surrounding Ukraine, but I did find a few NY Times articles that wrongfully call the Russian invasion of Ukraine “unprovoked”, and Putin’s fault. In other words, the NY Times is lying about the Ukraine War too. 

Here is an excerpt from an entire NY Times webpage from August 6th, 2023, with the headline, “Putin’s Forever War”:

“I spent a month in Russia, a country almost as large as the United States and Canada combined, searching for clues that might explain its nationalist lurch into an unprovoked war and its mood more than 17 months into a conflict conceived as a lightning strike, only to become a lingering nightmare”. 
Click here for the entire NY Times propaganda piece on Ukraine.

If you want to avoid the lies and disinformation of the NY Times (and the US corporate media), and learn the truth of how Russia has been provoked by the United States on multiple occasions, here are a few articles from trusted sources that will help. 🙂

Below is an excerpt from a Jeffrey Sachs article, The War in Ukraine Was Provoked – and Why That Matters to Achieve Peace. 

“George Orwell wrote in 1984 that “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” Governments work relentlessly to distort public perceptions of the past. Regarding the Ukraine War, the Biden administration has repeatedly and falsely claimed that the Ukraine War started with an unprovoked attack by Russia on Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In fact, the war was provoked by the U.S. in ways that leading U.S. diplomats anticipated for decades in the lead-up to the war, meaning that the war could have been avoided and should now be stopped through negotiations…

By recognizing that the question of NATO enlargement is at the center of this war, we understand why U.S. weaponry will not end this war. Russia will escalate as necessary to prevent NATO enlargement to Ukraine. The key to peace in Ukraine is through negotiations based on Ukraine’s neutrality and NATO non-enlargement. The Biden administration’s insistence on NATO enlargement to Ukraine has made Ukraine a victim of misconceived and unachievable U.S. military aspirations. It’s time for the provocations to stop, and for negotiations to restore peace to Ukraine.”

Click here to learn more from CODEPINK on how the war in Ukraine is a disaster for the people of Ukraine and a terrible threat to us all (with an increased danger of nuclear war). CODEPINK opposes the Russian invasion but recognizes that the expansion of NATO and the aggressive approach of Western nations have helped cause the crisis.   
Click here for Medea Benjamin and Nicolas Davies’ book, War in Ukraine, Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict.

Daniel Ellsberg on The NY Times & the US Corporate Media

“How difficult is it to deceive the public? I would say, as a former insider, one becomes aware: It’s not difficult to deceive them.”
– Legendary author, and activist Daniel Ellsberg

Decades ago, the New York Times was one of the most trusted sources for news, but not any longer. In 1971, the late great author, peace activist, and whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg chose the NY Times as one of the newspapers to publish the Pentagon Papers (which hastened the end of the Vietnam War). Btw, how can you not be inspired, and humbled by Mr. Ellsberg, a man who was willing to spend 115 years in jail to help end the Vietnam War? Wow.

Before his passing, Daniel Ellsberg had this to say on the sorry state of the NY Times, and US Corporate media (the excerpts below are based on Norman Solomon’s book, War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of its Military Machine):

Ellsberg talked about differences between media coverage of September 11 and, later, the U.S. military’s “shock and awe” missile attack on Baghdad that began the Iraq invasion. In response to the horrors of 9/11, he recalled, the Times “did something very dramatic. They ran a picture, a head picture, of each person who had been killed, with some anecdotes from their neighbors, their friends, and their family. This person liked to skydive, or this person liked to play in a band, or little anecdotes about what made them human, what people remembered about them in particular, very gripping, very moving.”

After the Iraq War began, Ellsberg had an idea: “Imagine if the Times were to run a page or two of photographs of the people who burned on the night of ‘shock and awe.’ …It wouldn’t be that hard, if you were on the ground, we weren’t then but we were later, to find the people who were relatives of those people. And say, look, each one had friends, had parents, had children, had relatives — each one had made their mark in some little way in the world until that moment when they were killed — and these were the people we killed, and these were the people who were dying under the bombing, exactly as in our case, where two planes filled with gas burned two buildings.” But such U.S. media coverage was unthinkable. “Of course it’s never happened — nothing like it,” Ellsberg noted…

Ellsberg added, “Virtually every president tells us, or reassures us, that we are a very peace-loving people, very slow to go to war, very reluctant, perhaps too slow in some cases, but very determined once we’re in, but it takes a lot to get us to accept the idea of going to war, that that’s not our normal state. That of course does go against the fact that we’ve been at war almost continuously. … That there is deception, that the public is evidently misled by it early in the game, in the approach to the war, in a way that encourages them to accept a war and support a war, is the reality. How much of a role does the media actually play in this, in deceiving the public, and how difficult is it to deceive the public? I would say, as a former insider, one becomes aware: It’s not difficult to deceive them. First of all, you’re often telling them what they would like to believe — that we’re better than other people, we are superior in our morality and our perceptions of the world.”
Click here to learn more about Daniel Ellsberg.

Another excerpt from Norman Solomon’s excellent book, War Made Invisible: How America Hides the Human Toll of its Military Machine, shows the same hypocrisy and prejudice of the NY Times. It is yet another example of what Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman call “worthy” and “unworthy” victims (where the “worthy” victims are those we are allowed to pity because it fits the narratives of those in power (like the NY Times), and provides cover for the atrocities they have supported/committed, or the illegal wars they are about to start).

“On the first day of March, 2022, visitors to the New York Times home page saw a headline across the top of their screens in huge capital letters:


It was the kind of breaking-news banner headline that could have referred to countless U.S. missile attacks and other military assaults during the previous two decades, telling of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, and elsewhere. But those “war on terror” killings did not qualify for huge banner headlines. What stirred the Times to quickly publish one about civilian deaths was—as reported on the front page of its print edition—“a deadly Russian rocket assault on Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, that raised new alarms about how far the Kremlin was willing to go to subjugate its smaller neighbor.”

During the months that followed, the New York Times was among thousands of American outlets devoting the kind of news coverage to Russia’s war in Ukraine that would have been unthinkable while reporting on U.S. warfare. Early in April, forty days after the Russian invasion began, a jarring headline in all capitals —“HORROR GROWS OVER SLAUGHTER IN UKRAINE”— spanned the top of the front page of the Times print edition. During April, fourteen stories on the newspaper’s front page “were primarily about civilian deaths as a result of the Russian invasion, all of which appeared at the top of the page,” researchers at Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting found. During a comparable period—after the U.S. invaded Iraq—the Times published “only one story about civilian deaths at the hands of the U.S. military on the front page.”
Click here to learn more from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR).

What if the New York Times covered the most important issues honestly, and wasn’t a part of the problem?

And finally, the assholification of America continues. Here are a few topics that organizations like the New York Times should be all over, if they had any degree of integrity, and weren’t part of the pro-war, for-profit establishment. Unfortunately, instead of covering our most important issues, they would rather lie, promote wars, ignore injustices (including human & animal suffering), and distract their readers by trying to demonize peace organizations. 

Did you know? (most of the excerpts below are from a Thom Hartmann article)

– In Fiscal Year 2023, out of a $1.8 trillion federal discretionary budget, $1.1 trillion — or 62 percent— was for US militarized programs. That includes war and weapons, law enforcement and mass incarceration, and detention and deportation.

– The average American billionaire pays only 3.4 percent income tax (many pay nothing or next to nothing at all)?

– In the forty-two years since the start of the Reagan Revolution, bought-off politicians have so altered our tax code that fully $51 trillion has moved from the homes and savings of working class Americans into the money bins of the morbidly rich.
As a result, America today is the most unequal developed nation in the world and the situation gets worse every day: many of our billionaires are richer than any pharaoh or king in the history of the world, while a family lifestyle that could be comfortably supported by a single income in 1980 takes two people working full-time to maintain today.

– In the years since the Supreme Court first began down this road (of bribery) in 1976, the GOP has come to be entirely captured by this handful of mentally ill billionaires and the industries that made them rich.

– Almost 30 million Americans lack health insurance altogether, and 43 percent of Americans are so badly under-insured that any illness or accident costing them more than $1000 in co-pays or deductibles would wipe them out.

– Americans spend more than twice as much for healthcare and pharmaceuticals than citizens of any other developed country. We pay $11,912 per person per year for healthcare; it’s $5,463 in Australia, $4,666 in Japan, $5496 in France, and $7,382 in Germany (the most expensive country outside of us).

And we don’t get better health or a longer lifespan for all the money; instead, it’s just lining the pockets of rich insurance, pharma, and hospital executives and investors, with hundreds of billions in profits every year.

– The average American life expectancy is 78.8 years: Canada is 82.3, Australia is 82.9, Japan is 84.4, France is 83.0, and Germany is 81.3.

– Almost 12 percent of Americans, over 37 million of us, live in dire poverty. According to OECD numbers, while only 5 percent of Italians and 11 percent of Japanese workers toil in low-wage jobs, almost a quarter of Americans — 23 percent — work for wages that can’t support a normal lifestyle. (And low-income Japanese and Italians have free healthcare and college.)

– Almost half (44 percent) of American adults carry student debt, a burden virtually unknown in any other developed country in the world (dozens of countries actually pay their young people to go to college).

– Our public schools are an underfunded mess, as are our highways and public transportation systems. While every other developed country in the world has high-speed train service, we still suffer under a privatized rail system that prevents Amtrak from running even their most modern trains at anything close to their top speeds.

Given all this, it’s reasonable to ask why Republicans across the nation insist that the country’s most severe problems are teaching Black History and trans kids wanting to be recognized for who they are.

If you give it a minute’s thought, though, the answer becomes pretty obvious. We have a billionaire problem, compounded by a bribery problem, and the combination of the two is tearing our republic apart.

Why are billionaires funding “activist” groups and politicians who are trying to end the teaching of Black History and make the lives of trans people miserable? When you think about it a minute — and look at the headlines in the news — the answer becomes apparent: as long as we’re all fighting with each other about history or gender, the “hoarding syndrome billionaires” and their corporations are free to continue pillaging America while ripping off working people and their families.”
Click here for Thom Hartmann’s complete article, Why Billionaires Fund Anti-Trans & Anti-Black-History Political Movements.
Click here to learn more from the National Priorities Project.

The Bottom Line

So, rather than conduct true journalistic investigations into the United States’ illegal ongoing wars, our broken “healthcare” system, the climate crisis, and a busted food system that causes untold harm to animals, humans, and our only planet, the New York Times chooses instead to divert their readers’ attention from the most pressing issues (like those mentioned above), and attack the vital work of peace organizations like CODEPINK with lies and innuendo. Yes, the New York Times may still get a story right once in a while, but overall, their reporting and lying has caused untold suffering and death. And again, not one person from this media giant has ever been held responsible for their crimes.  

Should any of us be surprised then to learn from Pew Research Center that 83% of Americans have an unfavorable view of China? I have people in my life who have never been to China, and don’t follow history or politics, and yet vehemently proclaim to “hate the Chinese government.” The New York Times has been a propaganda arm of the US War Machine for decades, and their actions are unforgivable. Most Americans are numb, and seem to have been lulled into a state of perpetual sleepwalking. Whether it is the lies of the New York Times (and the US corporate media), capitalism, consumerism, system justification, cognitive dissonance, carnism, or whatever, Americans love to pretend, and hear good things about themselves (regardless of the truth). Although most people are good, too many Americans don’t care. We are all brothers and sisters, and getting people to care is key. As the late film producer Jess Search said, “If you are going to move people to act, first you have to move them.” Moving people and getting them to care is exactly what Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, and everyone at CODEPINK have been trying to do for over 20 years. I love CODEPINK, and I am always proud to stand with them, especially now while the New York Times and other “establishment” forces take their best shots in trying to destroy the peace movement, and those who fight for equality and justice everywhere. I am reminded that capitalism commodifies life, and in that context, how everything and everyone is expendable. Clearly, the NY Times feels as though the “peace movement” is a direct threat to their agenda, and the “capitalist” status quo. 

Millions of innocent people have already been killed due to the lies of the New York Times, US officials, and other corporate media outlets. I honestly don’t think that the New York Times will stop lying until the masses rise up, or our species is wiped out due to a US provoked nuclear war. The United States outspends the rest of the world combined on its military, including both Russia and China. The US also has nearly 800 military bases worldwide, with 300 of them surrounding China (sites with missiles that are locked onto major Chinese cities). Can you imagine what would happen if the situation was reversed, and China had 800 overseas military bases, with 300 surrounding the United States? Right, nuclear Armageddon (any student of history would point to the Cuban Missile Crisis for a clear indication of how the US would respond). China currently has about 8 foreign military bases, but due to ongoing US aggression, it would be crazy for China not to build more alliances and military bases ASAP. 

In addition to the domestic issues listed above, here are a few more “elephant in the room” ideas/questions that the New York Times should be investigating, rather than trying to discredit peace organizations (assuming that the NYT has integrity, and can be trusted).

1. Why hasn’t a single US president or US official been held accountable for the millions of innocent people who have been killed in US led Post 9/11 wars? Even a former FOX “News” (the most egregious liars in corporate media), Senior Judicial Analyst, Andrew Napolitano, has called for former US president George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney to be tried for war crimes (apparently, there is still an active E.U. arrest warrant for George W. Bush for war crimes (issued by Spanish authorities)). And what about media outlets like the NY Times that have repeatedly lied and promoted illegal wars? Should those responsible at the NYT be tried for war crimes too? There is precedent, as newspaper owner and Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher was convicted of crimes against humanity during the Nuremberg trials in 1946 (he was executed by hanging).
Click here for a complete interview with Ralph Nader and Andrew Napolitano.
Click here to learn more about Nazi propaganda from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

2. Why wasn’t a healthy plant based diet promoted by US officials, scientists, medical doctors, and the media during the COVID-19 lockdowns (even long trusted independent news sources like Democracy Now! wouldn’t touch this one)? The British Medical Journal published a six country study showing that a healthy plant-based diet could reduce the risk of moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19 by 73%!

3. Why has the US nixed peace negotiations with Russia, and repeatedly broken its promises not to expand NATO? Why did the US provoke Russia into invading Ukraine, and why does the US seem to be itching for a nuclear war?

4. Why does the US have 800 military bases worldwide, with 300 of them surrounding China? Why does the US constantly insult and threaten China? What if the situation was reversed and China had 300 military bases surrounding the US, with weapons pointed at major US cities?

5. Why isn’t the United States addressing all of the inequalities and injustices at home (see above), rather than spending trillions of dollars cultivating illegal ongoing wars, and prodding both Russia and China into possible nuclear annihilation? 

Finally, the US has 800 military bases worldwide to China’s 8. The United States, together with the New York Times, has killed between 4.5-4.7 million people in the last 20 years alone (we can go further back and discuss US war crimes in Vietnam, and other atrocities too). Clearly, the biggest threat to global peace, and the survival of our species is the US War Machine, and the lying/vomitous media outlets like the New York Times. I read recently that 3 out of 4 Chinese Americans faced racial discrimination in the past year. What are we doing? We need to cooperate, and learn from China, not hate on China. The New York Times has more blood on its hands, and it doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. In fact, it is doubling down on everything, including its anti-China rhetoric, and pro-war propaganda as the US seems hell-bent on creating a nuclear confrontation with both Russia and China. 

So yeah, the New York Times is awful, and dangerous.

Until next time…:)

*Update (10/06/23): Click here for a wonderful article from Jodie Evans, that asks the question, “Is Peace Un-American?”
Unsurprisingly, Jodie’s op-ed was rejected by the NY Times (Again, the NY Times has been a cheerleader for war for decades).

*Update (9/01/23): And so it begins – to escalate. I am thinking of the billions of smiling children around the world today who may be eviscerated in a nuclear war over the next few years because we Americans can’t get our sh*t together, and hold US officials, and corporate media outlets, like the NY Times, accountable for their war crimes (see above). According to CNN, the US is now sending $80 million worth of weapons to Taiwan, while claiming that it has the approval to send up to $2 billion of weapons to Taiwan each year through 2027. It is yet another slap in the face to China, and an obvious provocation by the United States. Again, 62% of the US federal discretionary budget ($1.1 of $1.8 trillion tax dollars) goes to the US War Machine. 62%! (and without taxpayer consent of course). I have been an anti-war activist on some level for over 20 years and I have yet to be wrong about this stuff (I am no expert, but there you have it). The US playbook for war is in full swing with China as the US, and its corporate media, have been demonizing China for years (in an effort to manufacture hate & dumb down Americans), while the US has also encircled China with 300 of its nearly 900 overseas military bases. Who is the real threat, and true aggressor? Again, can you imagine if the situation was reversed, and China had 300 military bases surrounding the US with missiles pointed at major US cities? (China has only 8 overseas military bases at the moment). Unsurprisingly, CNN offered no pushback on these developments, as it has been little more than a propaganda arm for the US government for decades, and would never dream of challenging the US military industrial complex (like all obedient corporate/state media). Most Americans love to pretend, and prefer to believe what they want to believe. We are all flawed, and most people are good, but how do we get Americans to care?

Additional Sources:
Click here to learn more about CODEPINK’s China is Not Our Enemy campaign. 
Click here for a terrific explanation of the Taiwan Crisis from BreakThrough News.
Click here to learn more about the NY Times’ latest hit job against critics of U.S. Foreign Policy.
Click here to learn more about the late great Daniel Ellsberg. 
Click here to learn more about how Israel targets Palestinian children.
Click here to learn more about Israel’s War on Kids.
Click here to learn more from Pew Research Center.
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Click here to learn more about the problems of capitalism from Richard Wolff. 
Click here to learn more about the NY Times’ irresponsible coverage of transgender issues.
Click here to learn how two NY Times reporters were paid $7.6 million by the Gates Foundation to heap praise on Bill Gates.
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Click here to learn more about NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who has been a lying racist warmonger for decades.
Click here to learn more about the dreadfulness of the NY Times from Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges.


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