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Plant Based Diets & COVID-19

Dr. Kim Williams has long been a trusted resource when it comes to nutrition and health. He is the former President of the American College of Cardiology and once famously said that “there are two types of cardiologists: vegans, and those who haven’t read the data.”

The excerpt below was pulled from an episode of the PCRM podcast called “The Exam Room.” The interview is excellent and begins at the 6 minute mark (ending at 28:08) in the provided link.

Dr. Kim Williams: “I would love to challenge you as a media person, and Dr. Barnard, I have several friends who are plant based (people who eat plant based diets), who got COVID, and not one of them has been hospitalized, and certainly none of them have died. And so the question is, and I keep asking around from my friends, does anybody know a plant based person who has actually died of COVID. So far, I have heard of none. Now that’s not a study, but I would love to crowd source that question, and see if, you know, it may not be none, but I bet that it is dramatically lower than the general population and the general outcome…If you are doing the masking, it may not prevent the illness, but it prevents the serious illness, believe it or not, because the viral load that gets to a person when they are masked is lower, and if you give someone a high inoculum, as we call it of virus, vs. a low inoculum, the odds that they are going to survive and do well is better.”

Click here to listen to the interview.

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