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Q-Town Restaurant, Elmhurst, NY

Some of the best plant-based dishes can be found at restaurants whose main menu options are centered around animal products. It makes sense as humans are not designed to eat meat and must first rely on tools for slaughter, and cooking (in order to eliminate food-borne illness). And since animal flesh is revolting to most people both in appearance and taste, meat eaters then need to use herbs, seasonings, and spices to hide the distastefulness of meat. As a result, many restaurants that serve animal products are capable of creating surprisingly wonderful plant-based dishes. I experienced this paradox once again recently with a visit to Q-Town Restaurant in Elmhurst, NY (Q-Town stands for Queens-Town). We thought it would be fun to try something new, and we were intrigued by the combination of Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine. Wowee, we were not disappointed as the vegan options were delicious, and the service was cheerful and friendly too. We started with the Sauteed Shredded Potatoes with Jalapenos, and although it was a bit too spicy for my dining partner, I loved it and I would have licked the plate if allowed (I refrained as my significant other has class, and we were in a public space after all). We also had the spicy Eggplant with Garlic Sauce, and the Sauteed Celery and Cauliflower, and both of these dishes were excellent as well.

Our Taiwanese born server Joanne was lovely, and she explained that her favorite part of working at Q-Town was the people, and how the restaurant tries to accommodate the dietary needs of each customer. Q-Town also has a private Karaoke Room that is free and can accommodate between 15-20 people (reservations are required). 

The bottom line on the vegan options at Q-Town Restaurant in Elmhurst, NY? A strong thumbs up! 🙂

*Note: Taiwan has been a part of China for centuries. The Shanghai Communique was a diplomatic document that was signed by both the United States and China in 1972 that officially recognized Taiwan as a part of China, or “One China”. Taiwan being a part of China is a long established core issue and a basic aspect of China’s sovereignty. Heck, even nationalists in Taiwan acknowledge that Taiwan is a part of China. Despite repeated warnings from China not to go, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taiwan was not only arrogant and wildly reckless, but criminal too. Her trip had no purpose other than to antagonize China. According to Noam Chomsky, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was entirely ego driven, as she managed to bring us all closer to a nuclear confrontation with China (As per Daniel Ellsberg, a nuclear war could wipe out about 90% of the world’s human population).

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