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Israel’s US Backed Genocide in Gaza Exposes the Vegan Movement’s True Colors

We are witnessing Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza in real time, and Genocider in Chief, Joe Biden, and others in his circle, will likely never face justice for their unspeakable crimes. Again, if you are rich and powerful in the United States, you are above the law. How pathological and broken is the United States establishment? In the US, you can commit a GENOCIDE, the evil of all evils, and not only avoid execution, but be celebrated and financially rewarded for your wickedness.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you are a rich and powerful in the United States, like HBO’s repugnant talk show host Bill Maher (estimated net worth of $190 million), you can support Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza, fawn over war criminals like Benjamin Netanyahu, and still partner with organizations of “compassion” like PETA! Wait, what? That’s right, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has named the lying, genocidist, Bill Maher, as the “Honorary Director of PETA“. How do you like that? Apparently, Maher dipped into his deep pocket$ in an effort to buy some credibility, and without hesitation, PETA acquiesced, and showed its true color$. Bill Maher’s actions remind me of Israel’s “pinkwashing” strategies. As per the BDS Movement, “Pinkwashing is an Israeli government propaganda strategy that cynically exploits LGBTQIA+ rights to project a progressive image while concealing Israel’s occupation and apartheid policies oppressing Palestinians.” Maher’s attempts to “clean” his image, also mirror the propaganda of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force or Occupying Force) when it calls itself the “the most moral army in the world,” and that of Israel too, when it claims to be, “The Vegan Capital of the World.” Again, we see Israel trying to hide its countless crimes, by using the art of distraction, and disinformation, in an effort to change its monstrous reputation, and bury the truth of its genocidal intentions.

Author and Professor Norman Finkelstein is the son of Holocaust survivors, and also one of the most trusted experts in the world on the Israel–Palestine relationship, and the history and politics of the Holocaust. Here are a few of Mr. Finkelstein’s comments in response to Bill Maher’s outrageous and inciteful claims that “everyone comes to accomodations, except the Palestinians”, college protesters are “useful idiots”, and the Palestinians are the aggressors, and Israel is the victim. As per Norman Finkelstein, “I have to tell you that I watched the Bill Maher segment this morning and several times I had to just, you know, take a breath, because he’s such an ignorant Sack of Shit. It just nauseates me when I’m listening to this. He hasn’t a clue what the history is. He really doesn’t know anything. This is the reason Bill Maher doesn’t want kids to go to college. He says it’s a waste of time. Yeah in college, you learn that before you speak your mind, you should actually know a few facts. You’re supposed to read books, not just have note cards passed to you…”

“Gaza was before the war the greatest open-air prison. Today it’s the greatest open-air graveyard,” – EU policy chief Josep Borrell

What on Earth is PETA thinking? They are proudly promoting the “Sack of Shit”, Bill Maher, a GENOCIDE supporter, as if he has credibility. Imagine having your children and family massacred in Gaza by the US backed Israeli military, and then having to listen to warped little turds like Bill Maher, lie about your ancestors, and loved ones. AIPAC, and its fanboys like Bill Maher, truly are diabolical. According to Jewish Voice for Peace, “The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, known as AIPAC, uses millions of dollars and racist smear campaigns to ensure Congressional complicity in the Israeli’s government’s genocide of Palestinians.” I was not surprised to learn that Maher’s “Real Time” show pays people to sit in his audience, agree with his racist, and for the most part, dangerously stupid views (mostly AIPAC talking points), and then laugh when prompted. PETA does great work for animals but that’s where it ENDS. Period. They, along with many others in the Vegan movement, have been silent for the last 5 months, while the US backed Israeli military has targeted defenseless civilians, schools, libraries, hospitals, doctors, ambulances, journalists (and their families), museums, and refugee camps. Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza has now killed over 40,000 Palestinians, including more than 14,350 CHILDREN (as of late February). Do you know that “Genocide Joe” Biden has shipped weapons to Israel every 36 hours over the last 150 days, while according to Save the Children, more than 10 Palestinian children per day, on average, have lost one or both of their legs, and that over 1,000 of these kids have had one or both legs amputated WITHOUT anesthesia? By partnering with the depraved Bill Maher, PETA is normalizing his support of genocide, and the massacre of tens of thousands of people, half of whom are CHILDREN! 

“If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post World War II American president would have been hanged.” – Noam Chomsky

Incidentally, it is not just Bill Maher who has no soul (although, he is the worst). Recently, late night talk show host Seth Meyers giggled with War Criminal, “Genocide Joe” Biden, as they discussed important topics like ice cream, and Taylor Swift (I couldn’t stomach watching the video, so I had to read a review). Can you imagine? How tone deaf can they be? Genocide Joe should be tried for War Crimes, and for Committing GENOCIDE in Gaza, but instead, US establishment tools, like Seth Meyers, attempt to NORMALIZE Genocide Joe’s actions too, by having him yuck it up on camera with Meyers himself (net worth $30 million), and the equally vacuus Amy Poehler (net worth $25 milllion). The fact that they had ice cream, and were tee-hee-ing, was perhaps the most offensive part of the segment. Think about that, while the US and Israel are using STARVATION as a weapon of war in Gaza, and CHILDREN are literally starving to death each day, these empty headed propagandists are giggling over ice cream.

Generation Schmuck! Shame on late night TV, pro-Genocide millionaire celebrities, Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Jimmy Kimmel (net worth $50 million), Stephen Colbert (net worth $75 million), Jimmy Fallon (net worth $70 million), Colin Jost (net worth $175 million), Howard Stern (net worth $690 million), and the rest of their lot as well. These unconscionable “stars”, are so happy to be making their fortunes, and to be accepted by the establishment, that they, like many wealthy Americans, either choose to be ignorant, PRETEND that the US & Israel are not committing a GENOCIDE, or worse (see Kimmel laughing with War Criminals George W. Bush and Genocide Joe, Maher kissing the as* of war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, and Fallon guffawing with Genocide Joe, and war criminal Hillary Clinton). A few days ago, Stephen Colbert hosted an “all time record” $25 million fundraiser in NYC for “Genocide Joe” Biden, that featured celebrity wannabe, and war criminal Barack Obama (I recently learned that Obama didn’t write any of his own speeches, and that he is intellectually dull. His net worth exceeds $70 million), and war criminal Bill Clinton (net worth $120 million). Unsurprisingly, both former presidents expressed complete support for Joe Biden’s war crimes, and complicity with Israel’s genocide (in part to avoid being investigated themselves). Of course, none of this fazed the pro-status quo host Colbert, who has built a small fortune for having no integrity. Thank Goodness for the inspiring, and courageous activists who showed up, and called everyone out for their lies, hypocrisy, war crimes, and acts of genocide. 🙂
Click here to see protestors disrupt Genocide Joe’s record $25 million fundraiser, that was hosted by the debased Colbert.

These are just a few examples of the US military entertainment complex (a term that is new to me but involves Hollywood, sports industries, celebrities, corporate media, the video game industry, TV shows, etc.), being COMPLICIT in genocide and war crimes too, as it continues to promote the official narratives (lies and propaganda) of the US Empire. Its purpose is to glorify the military, normalize US leadership’s criminality, and frighten and disinform the public to make it easier for the US government (and its War Machine), to carry on with their heinous crimes both at home, and abroad. It sounds fantastical, but sadly, it’s true.

Those in the US corporate media landscape (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NY Times, etc.) have been guilty of war crimes for decades too. Their never-ending cheerleading for war segments, and ongoing lies, create a culture of ignorance, fear, and hatred. And yet, not a single mainstream media executive, or personality, has ever been held accountable, although there is precedent (as per the Holocaust Encyclopedia, “Nazi propagandist and newspaper owner Julius Streicher was hanged on October 16, 1946 for his influential role in inciting hatred and violence. The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg indicted Streicher on count four, crimes against humanity. Streicher was found guilty and sentenced to death”). Something to keep in mind when it comes to the Bill Mahers of the world.

Okay, back to our story. I guess I am most disappointed in the vegan movement because I expected more. Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza has exposed not just PETA, but many other organizations as well, for being anything but compassionate. They are full of it, to a sizable extent, and they know it, and now, we know it too. Overall the vegan movement’s silence is deafening, and as a result, they have lost the moral high ground.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” – Desmond Tutu

Here is a list of ten well known and “compassionate” vegan organizations who have done excellent work in the past, and yet have remained neutral, silent, or worse, during Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza:

1. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) – Their mission states that they are all about ending Speciesism. I guess that means that all beings and species should be treated equally, except for Palestinians. How else do you explain their silence, and their decision to join forces with genocidist Bill Maher?
2. PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) – Their mission statement claims to want to “create a better world for people and animals”, and yet, they have remained completely silent (neutral) on the Genocide in Gaza.
3. Mercy for Animals – Their mission statement says that they “envision a world in which eating is an act of compassion.” Does Mercy For Animals know that the US and Israel are using STARVATION as a weapon of war?
4. Animal Save Movement – As per their website, “Animal Save Movement’s mission is to spread the idea that we all have a moral duty to bear witness…” I guess that applies to everyone, except the Palestinian CHILDREN in Gaza.
5. UnchainedTVUnchained TV aims to bringing “the world crucial information ignored by advertiser-based mainstream media”. I guess Genocides don’t count as crucial information.
6. Beyond Carnism – As per their website, Beyond Carnism is “committed to gaining the trust and support of individuals who want to create a more just and compassionate world for all beings.” Again, I guess Palestinians don’t qualify.
7. Our Hen House – As per their website, Our Hen House aims to produce “hard-hitting podcasts that amplify the voices of people who are working to change the world for animals..” Countless animals are indiscriminately being slaughtered in Gaza too, as a result of the Genocide. I guess they don’t count?
8. Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) – As per their website, “Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.” Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza is one of the biggest crimes in history, with millions of animals and people being slaughtered and displaced. No comment ALDF?  
9. Vegan OutreachVegan Outreach says that it is “working to end violence towards animals”, and that they are seeking “a future when sentient animals are no longer exploited as commodities.” Do they know that all animals, including those in zoos, are being randomly slaughtered in Gaza by the US backed Israeli military?
10. New Roots Institute – New Roots Institute is “strengthening one shared movement—the movement to end factory farming.” Does New Roots Institute know that per capita, Israel kills more chickens than any other country on the planet?

Until recently, these organizations have indeed done wonderful work, but now they have become a part of the problem. One of the main pillars of Veganism is COMPASSION for all beings. Why are ALL of these vegan organizations silent on Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza? A friend of mine suggested that one of the reasons for nonprofits to be reluctant to stand up for what’s right, is the possible financial entanglements it could create with regards to their stated mission, and the financial grants they receive. This may be true, but my guess is that they don’t want to offend their funders/donors/customers, if they happen to be wealthy Zionists, Fascists, Jewish Supremacists, Genocidists, or God knows what. In other words, these “compassionate” organizations, are unfortunately, choosing commerce over conscience.

The bottom line? This has been one of the darkest winters of my lifetime. And how could it not be? All children are our children, and we are witnessing a GENOCIDE in real time. In some ways, I have never felt more helpless. Moreover, discovering that the “kind” and “warmhearted” vegan organizations that I have admired and supported for years, would choose to be complicit with the oppressors (Israel & the US), by collaborating with Genocide supporters, or remaining silent during a GENOCIDE, feels like yet another punch to the stomach. And it’s not just PETA, but the entire “vegan” movement for the most part, including its many “leaders” who take their bows, and walk around like rock stars during the respective vegan summits, and public gatherings. Again, these vegan champions, and organizations, who claim to be all about compassion, have entirely lost the moral high ground. They have shown their true colors, and they can no longer, as Dr. King once said, enter the “Kingdom of Truth”. Everything circles back to moral consistency, and right now the vegan movement is anything but morally consistent.

Silence is complicity, as is partnering with Genocidists, or claiming to be “neutral” in situations of injustice. Unless there is a dramatic change in the direction and values of organizations like PETA, we should all choose far more deserving individuals, and nonprofits to support. 

Free Palestine!

Until next time…

*Main Image: 9-year-old Yazan Kafarneh died of a congenital illness turned deadly by severe malnutrition under Israel’s genocidal siege. Click here to learn more about Yazan Kafarneh’s story.

*Update: I sent the following message to each one of the “silent or worse” vegan organizations mentioned above, and not a single one responded. I have been both a moral and financial supporter of most of these vegan organizations for many years, but obviously, none of that matters.

Here is a copy of my email:
“Hello, Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza has been ignored by the vegan movement. In fact, the vast majority of vegan organizations have remained neutral, silent, or worse, during Israel’s relentless bombing of defenseless civilians, and siege of Gaza. What is your organization’s official stance on Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza? Also, would you care to comment on the piece below, which references 10 vegan organizations, including (their name), that have remained silent, or worse, during Israel’s Genocide in Gaza?
(a link to this post was added here) Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.”

I also sent the message and a link to this post to John Robbins at the Food Revolution Network, Dr. Will Tuttle (author of the World Peace Diet), Damien Mander (founder of, and animal rights champion and philanthropist Philip Wollen, thinking that they might be more spiritually and morally connected. Wanh, Wanh! Boy was I wrong. Not a peep. There is no excuse at this point to be ignorant on Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza. So, again, knowing that Silence is Complicity, what is the motivation for these game changing individuals to remain mum, or worse, and not speak out against a Genocide?

The Food Revolution Network’s Ocean Robbins (son of John Robbins), did respond through his customer support team in a look the other way, Genocide enabling, mass murdering approving, politically correct if you have no soul kind of manner, but at least it was a response. 

Here is the reply from the Food Revolution Network (FRN): “Hello Mike, Thank you for your message. Ocean prefers not to share his political views or engage in political discussions. His primary goal is centered around helping individuals adopt healthier eating habits and live fulfilling lives. We are committed to assisting everyone on their journey towards better health and well-being, irrespective of their political beliefs. By maintaining this approach, we aim to ensure inclusivity and avoid alienating anyone based on political differences. Thank you for being part of our community.”

So, Ocean Robbins tried to reduce Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza, to a simple matter of “political beliefs” where nobody is to blame, especially those, God forbid, who may feel alienated for being genocide supporters, and might think twice about swiping their credit card$ for the next Food Revolution Summit! I can easily imagine how so many people with this type of mindset would have embraced the Nazis, and justified their genocidal actions during the Holocaust, as being a simple matter of “political beliefs”. I don’t mean to pick on Ocean Robbins for living in a bubble, but where do we draw the line? John & Ocean Robbins’ 2024 Food Revolution Summit will feature 45 “Trusted Authorities”, mostly from the vegan movement, where everyone will smile, pat themselves on the back, and pretend that the United States and Israel are NOT committing a GENOCIDE in real time. Are they all mentally ill?

Here is my response to the FRN team:
“Silence is complicity. Your response speaks volumes. Were you able to forward the email to John Robbins? Mr. Robbins describes himself as a “social activist” and “humanitarian”. Is John Robbins also choosing to be silent on Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza?”

After receiving a no response, response, I sent this note as well:
Is that it? For the record, I am not a member of your community. I would be ashamed to be a member of any community that refused to speak out against GENOCIDE. I am perhaps most disappointed in John Robbins. Social activist? Humanitarian? Really?

Like many others, I admired John Robbins, and regarded him as a man of wisdom, and integrity. In fact, I once wrote that I learned more from his books, and the Food Revolution Summit interviews (10+ years worth), than I ever learned in high school. Mr. Robbins taught me a lot, and was a true inspiration. I love the man. As Kurt Vonnegut might have quipped, he was a decent man in an indecent world. So, what happens when even John Robbins, in addition to the entire vegan movement, and much of Western society, are exposed for being morally broken, or worse?  

Until these vegan organizations of “compassion” fully embrace the values of truth and justice, and work towards moral consistency, we should stop supporting them (financially, or otherwise). They are complicit in Israel’s US backed Genocide in Gaza, and don’t deserve our trust.  

Lastly, if our species does survive the nightmare of Israel’s US backed GENOCIDE in Gaza (Israel is once again trying to draw the United States into a regional war with Iran, which could easily lead to a nuclear confrontation), how do we move forward? 
I am reminded of the words of Eugene Debs and Frederick Douglass
“The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.” – Eugene Debs
“Power concedes nothing without a demand, it never did, and it never will.” – Frederick Douglass

The weight of these words has never felt more meaningful, or timely. Did you know that the United States has killed more than 20 MILLION innocent people in 37 nations since World War II (and that these numbers are conservative)? Keep in mind that this comes after the US dropped two ATOMIC bombs on civilian populations in Hiroshima, and Nagasaki (for no reason other than to send a message to the Soviet Union), which murdered more than 220,000 people, and destroyed the lives of millions more. The United States is still the only country to use a Nuclear weapon against another country, and is by far, the greatest threat to the survival of our species. But that is a discussion for another time. 

Thich Nhat Hanh, and Dr. King often spoke about the importance of Love, even for our enemies.

I am trying, but I am just not there yet.  

Free Palestine! 

Click here for the United Nation’s “Anatomy of a Genocide Report”, which concludes that there are “reasonable grounds” to believe that Israel is committing a GENOCIDE.
Click here to learn more about the Biden Administration’s attempts to smear the UN Report, Anatomy of a Genocide.
Click here to learn more from Mondoweiss and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for why there is a “plausible case” against Israel for Genocide.
Click here to learn more from Jewish Voice for Peace on why Israel’s war on Gaza is textbook Genocide.
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Click here to learn more from Professor Finkelstein on the ignorance and awfulness of Bill Maher.
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Click here to learn more from Ralph Nader on the laws being broken by the US in its support of Israel’s Genocide in Gaza.
Click here to learn more from Veterans for Peace on the laws being broken by the US in its complicity with Israel’s Genocide.
Click here to learn more about the animals killed in Gaza.
Click here for the trailer of Theaters of War, which shows how the US government & military control the entertainment industry. 
Click here to learn more about the military entertainment complex.
Click here to learn more about the integrity of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Click here to hear Noam Chomsky explain in just 11 minutes, how every US president since WWII has committed war crimes. Apparently, the video was recorded in 2003, so the equally indictable crimes of Obama, Trump, and Biden are not included. 
Click here for the trailer of Theaters of War.
Click here to learn why Americans need to reject “Genocide Joe” to build a better world, and support 3rd party alternatives.
Click here to learn more about how liberal comics sold their souls and became lap dogs for establishment power.
Click here to learn more about our struggle for moral consistency. 

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