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Colon Cancer & Diet

So sad to hear that actor Chadwick Boseman has died of colon cancer. I knew very little about him, but it seems like he was a great guy, in addition to being a great actor. I recently learned that colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths in the US, and that 70% of colon cancer cases are avoidable.

There are no guarantees for any of us, but here is an excellent video on the rarity of colon cancer in Africans which is attributable to very low animal-product consumption. The significantly lower pH in the colon resulting from a plant-based diet helps lower the risk of colon cancer.

Specific protective foods include beans, berries (including Indian gooseberries and organic strawberries), broccoli, black beans, a number of herbal varieties of tea, carob, coffee, apples, turmeric, cranberries, sweet potatoes, nuts, and lemon rind and seeds. Vitamin D may also play a role in preventing colon cancer. The kind of “resistant starch” that comes from plant foods like cooked beans, peas, lentils, and raw oatmeal—can block the accumulation of potentially harmful byproducts of animal-protein metabolism in the colon.

Click here for the video on colon cancer.

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