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Kangaroos Are In Trouble

Kangaroos are the victims of the world’s largest slaughter of wildlife. “Kangaroos, A Love Hate Story” is now streaming on Amazon Prime, and overall, it is both heart-wrenching and inspiring. There is a dark side to the relationship that many Australians have with kangaroos (one person in the film divides the kangaroo’s role into three categories: pest to be eradicated, resource to be exploited for profit (meat and leather), and sacred animal, deserving of protection). The film shows how the Australian government & media are a big part of the problem too. Sound familiar? It may be appropriate for older children but there are a few moments where you will have to close your eyes, or turn your head. Please check it out and try not to buy kangaroo meat, and leather products from Nike, Adidas, Puma and many other manufacturers who use Kangaroo skin. Kangaroos are magnificent animals who have been around for millions of years, yet their population numbers continue to plummet, and all for the sake of greed.

Click here for a link to the trailer of “Kangaroo, A Love Hate Story”.

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