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The Meat Industry is at it Again

Surprise, surprise. A study entirely funded by the meat lobby (National Cattlemen’s Beef Association), has found that “meat improves mental health”. This “finding” is not only one big fat lie, but is dangerous as well, and once again illustrates the only true motive of the animal agriculture industry, which is to make money. This industry does not care about your health, animal welfare, the planet or our future. It is outrageous that it continues to buy our government, receive tens of billions of dollars in subsidies, not be taxed (even though we know that like smoking, the consumption of animal products causes disease), and not have to pay for any of its hidden external costs (people’s healthcare for being made sick by their products, environmental damage, and the suffering of animals).

According to David Simon’s book Meatonomics: The American government spends $38 billion each year to subsidize meat and dairy, but only 0.04% of that ($17 million) to subsidize fruits and vegetables. Also, a $5 Big Mac would cost $13 if the retail price included hidden expenses that meat producers offload onto society. Animal food producers impose $414 billion in hidden costs on America in the form of healthcare, subsidies, and environmental destruction.

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