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Inspiring Words from Surprising Places

Matthew Scully, who is a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, has done it again for the National Review. He now speaks, and writes on behalf of animals, and mostly in conservative circles. Thankfully, he continues to channel his impressive writing talents to advocate for the voiceless.

Excerpts: “…and how absurd to find Tyson’s top man solemnly declaring that ‘the food supply chain is breaking’ (meat, he informs us, is ‘as essential as healthcare’), as though we’re just one or two slaughterhouse shutdowns away from famine. Happily, the crop growers of America, the farmers who truly sustain our country, and who don’t need gas chambers when things go wrong, have got us covered.

“Every one of those creatures, like billions of others, was marked for a bitter, frightened, pain-filled life anyway, and to what good end? It is all in service to a business whose ruthlessness to animals, utter indifference to workers, destructiveness to the environment, and manifold harm to human health combine to qualify it as perhaps the least essential industry in America, and among the most amoral.”

Click here for the article.

Source: Karen Dawn of DawnWatch

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