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She had Dreams of Leading her Navajo People

I just read multiple articles on the passing of Valentina Blackhorse, a Navajo woman who was from all accounts, a smart, compassionate, strong willed, and beautiful person. A true angel. According to Democracy Now!, and many other news outlets, she died of COVID-19, not with COVID-19.

The COVID-19 coverage by Democracy Now! (DN!), has been as disappointing as most reports in the corporate media, as they continue to beat the drums of panic and fear without telling the whole story (I have reached out to DN! but they never responded). Since Ms. Blackhorse was so young, I read a few other articles on her passing and sure enough, it turned out that Ms. Blackhorse had rheumatoid arthritis (which is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation). Doctors told her family that rheumatoid arthritis played a factor in her death (it also appears that she may have been overweight as well).

Why am I sharing? I recently learned that the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, like many autoimmune diseases, can be reversed by eliminating chronic inflammation causing foods such as animal products, added oils, and those that are processed from our diets.

Over 94% of the people who have been hospitalized in NYC due to COVID-19 had a chronic disease or pre-existing health issue (like rheumatoid arthritis). Over 88% had multiple pre-existing health issues. The most common “comorbidities” for those hospitalized have been hypertension, obesity, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. And guess what? Each one of these chronic illnesses can also be reversed with a whole food plant based diet. As Dr. Michael Klaper likes to say, “It’s the Food!” Of course, there are no guarantees for any of us, but we need to be aware that animal product consumption fuels chronic and autoimmune diseases, which are the very medical conditions that make COVID-19 infections far more deadly.

Ms. Blackhorse’s partner Robby Jones: “I would say she was a kindhearted person. She would put others before herself. If she knew someone needed help, she would help them. I know that she loved her elders and she loved her children, or the children in general, especially the people who are in need.”


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