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Happy New Year? Really?

(USA Report Card for 2023)

January 1, 2024 

How many Palestinian CHILDREN will Israel and the United States kill today? Over the last 2.5 months, they have murdered an average of 142 Palestinian CHILDREN each day.   

So, the Assholification of America continues. How broken is capitalism, and the United States in 2024?

– Every American president since the death of FDR in 1945, would have been hanged, including Joe Biden, if they were held to the same standards as the Nazis at Nuremberg

– The United States continues to provide “moral” cover for Israel’s GENOCIDE in Gaza, while it also sends hundreds of billions of dollars (US taxpayers’ money), and US weapons, to both Israel, and Ukraine, so that even more innocent people can be slaughtered. So far, Israel, and the United States, have MURDERED over 11,000 Palestinian CHILDREN in the last 12 weeks (30,000+ Palestinians have been killed overall). Imagine if these were White Americans being massacred.  

– The United States outspends the next 10 countries combined on its military (including Russia and China, both of whom it continues to threaten and demonize), and through its illegal, ongoing wars, the US has killed MILLIONS of innocent people in just the last 20 years alone. Sixty-five percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (with many being one emergency away from financial ruin), and 1 in 4 US households are food insecure, while the US spends nearly $1.5 TRILLION on military programs! Way to go USA! Unfortunately, according to researchers at Vanderbilt & Northwestern Universities, the wealthiest Americans dictate public policy, and tend to be white, racist, and unconcerned, save for how it impacts their bottom line. 

“The United States is a criminal state that is run by corporate power.” – Noam Chomsky

Revenues soared in 2023 for the world’s 15 largest weapons manufacturers (mostly American), as the weapons industry’s share prices were up 25% over the previous year.  

– The United States is still the only industrialized country without a universal healthcare system. It is estimated that Medicare for All, would save 70,000 lives, and $450 billion each year! But it doesn’t matter, “Genocide Joe” Biden, has maintained that he will VETO any “Medicare for All” legislation that comes across his desk. Way to go Genocide Joe! Americans pay the highest costs for healthcare in the world, and have the worst health outcomes (New Yorkers pay the 2nd highest premiums in the United States with the average New Yorker spending over $10,000 per year on healthcare). Most Americans have supported a version of Medicare for All for decades (those who don’t support universal health care, likely believe the lies of corporate lobbyists and politicians), but have been ignored by US leaders, whose loyalties are to billionaires, and powerful corporations.

– Per capita, the United States also causes the most animal suffering, as it slaughters more innocent animals than any other major power in the world. Way to go again USA! The adoption of a plant-based diet, and a vegan lifestyle, is by far the single biggest thing that anyone can do to improve human health, prevent animal suffering & save lives, protect Mother Earth, and promote Peace. But again, most Americans don’t care.

– Way too many Americans are obsessed with things, AND the latest fashion, AND looking younger, AND celebrities, AND athletes/sports teams, AND their stock portfolios, AND being “seen” or “cool”, AND well, any superficial distraction you can imagine. I can’t keep up anymore. The United States may be the most spiritually vapid country on the planet. We are all flawed, and in need of balance (and fun distractions), but not to the exclusion of compassion, and an open mind, and heart.

– Loneliness, and suicide rates, are at all time highs across many demographics in the US too, as the LGBTQ, low income, immigrant, and elderly communities (among others), are all exploited, or under constant attack. 

– Every US system is broken, most often evil, and an embarrassment (political, judicial, military, healthcare (sick-care), big-pharma, etc.). Did you know that the US has the most billionaires in the world (750+), and that there has been a $50 trillion transfer of wealth in the United States over the last 40 years, from the bottom 90% of Americans, to the wealthiest 1%? 

“Power concedes nothing without demand, it never did, and it never will.” – Frederick Douglass

Overall, things are getting worse, not better. The United States is the biggest agent of terror in the world, and the greatest threat to the survival of our species, both at home and abroad. How do we reverse course, if not through demand, and a revolution? 

Keep sleepwalking America.

Right, so, 2024. What are we celebrating?

Until next time…

*Image (Mondoweiss) – Palestinian woman carries the shrouded body of her slain infant son, who was killed by Israeli attacks. 
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