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Green Vita Healthy Kitchen, Barcelona, Spain

Eat well, live well, is the motto of Green Vita Healthy Kitchen, which currently has nine restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. You know the food is good when you opt for a repeat visit during a short stay! Green Vita Healthy Kitchen offers a variety of vegan dishes, and most of their plant based ingredients are locally grown, and organic. I of course had to begin with a bottle of one of my favorite beers, Estrella Daura, which is a Spanish beer that is both vegan friendly (, and gluten free. Yum. Up next was an order of the Black Brazas roasted potatoes with spicy tomato sauce, and black garlic aioli, which did not disappoint. Although the black garlic aioli appears as though someone spilled crude oil on your plate, it was surprisingly delicious, and so much better than an order of french fries (Green Vita does not offer anything fried). I then ordered the Pad Thai Veggie dish, with rice pasta, Eco tofu, sauteed seasonal veggies, edamame, kale, bean sprouts, peanuts, and tamarind sauce, and I suddenly realized how much I missed Pad Thai! It was equally excellent. 🙂

During our second visit, I began my gluttonous little feast with the Grilled Avocado (with Eco quinoa, pomegranate, pico de gallo, arugula, and tamarind vinaigrette). It was most satisfying, and a reminder of why I am not a great cook. I never would have thought of adding pomegranates to the quinoa, but it was a tasty and nutritious addition. I then asked for the Moussaka Veggie dish with eggplant, roasted seasonal veggies, vegan (vegano!) cream cheese, and bolognese sauce, which turned out to be my favorite on the menu. It was really nice. I then topped everything off with a slice of the Veggie Cheesecake, which is a vegan cake that contains cashews, almonds, cookie crumble, and strawberry sauce. Although it was super sweet, I somehow enjoyed it, even though I had yet to finish another beer!

Our waitress’s name was Laurie, and she could not have been more lovely, or accommodating (I sometimes ask a lot of questions regarding vegan ingredients, GMOs, etc.). Laurie is from the Philippines, and she said with a laugh that she hopes to one day be a millionaire, and to bring her hard working, single Mom, to Spain. She said that what she loves the most about her job is her co-workers, bosses, and the customers! In other words, Laurie was awesome!

The bottom line on Green Vita Healthy Kitchen’s plant-based options? An enthusiastic thumbs up, of course! 🙂

Click here for the Green Vita Healthy Kitchen website.
Click here for the website.

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