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Dr. T. Colin Campbell & The Nobel Prize

Dr. T. Colin Campbell is a legend, and his work has changed the lives of millions of people, including my own. His integrity is beyond reproach, and he has just released a new book titled “The Future of Nutrition.” I could go on and on about how much I admire this man, but I will just sum it up in three words: Dr. Campbell Rocks!

Why do I trust Dr. Campbell? I am not a scientist, but one of the ways to establish trust in a study or in someone is to look at the preponderance of evidence. What does the evidence/data say? And the data is overwhelming regarding plant-based nutrition, going back hundreds of years and even further to ancient Greece and China, showing that there is a direct correlation between high animal protein consumption and the development of disease. Dr. Campbell has authored (or co-authored) over 400 research papers, and 4 books, including “The China Study”, which has been translated into dozens of languages, and has been called the “Grand Prix of Epidemiology” by The NY Times. His most recent book, “The Future of Nutrition” is outstanding as well, and I find myself once again bookmarking nearly every page! Dr. Campbell doesn’t need people like me to promote or defend him, but please know that his advocacy of whole food plant-based diets, along with his research, threaten the profits of the very industries that dominate our economy, government, and way of life. I am speaking of Big Ag, Big Pharma, and the healthcare/disease-care sectors (just to name a few). These industries spend billions of dollars on misinformation campaigns in an effort to keep people on the Standard American Diet (SAD) and confused (by employing the tobacco industry’s strategy of planting seeds of doubt). The theory is that when people are confused, they revert to what they are most familiar with, which is often the continuation of bad habits. And as Dr. Campbell likes to say, people love to hear good things about their bad habits. But it is not just powerful industries and organizations that are planting seeds of doubt. There are also many individual scam artists who make millions of dollars by lying and confusing people into thinking that they can only obtain health by buying their diet books, supplements, and by eating meat and dairy products too. I have to mention that one of these slick “salesmen” is a Wharton graduate who has no scientific background and yet has tried to criticize Dr. Campbell’s research on multiple occasions. This clown (which is an insult to clowns) has sold countless “diet” books, and supplements (big surprise), and now has his own podcast and a net worth of over $20 million (one of his claims is that dairy butter is good for you). Unfortunately, the joke is on us as he is laughing himself all the way to the bank while slinging harmful advice. Again, people love to hear good things about their bad habits. 
Dr. Dean Ornish has said that, “Everyone in the field of nutrition science stands on the shoulders of T. Colin Campbell, who is one of the giants in the field. This (The China Study) is one of the most important books about nutrition ever written, and reading it may save your life.” In his new book, “The Future of Nutrition”, Dr. Campbell points out that there is a long history of research that connects plant-based nutrition with the prevention and healing of disease. He references the work of Frederick Hoffman, a brilliant statistician who wrote the book “Cancer & Diet” in 1937. He even goes further back to 1806, where a Dr. William Lambe, who was a Fellow of the Royal College of London, prescribed a diet to patients ill with cancer that “abandoned animal food altogether” while being confined “wholly to vegetable food.” There were many other scientists and researchers from long ago as well who reached similar conclusions but whose work (like Dr. Campbell’s) has been purposely ignored, criticized or forgotten (most likely by the familiar motive of profits over people). It is also important to remember that non-scientists, regardless of their backgrounds, can often make breakthrough discoveries, while true scientists, even those with the best “pedigrees”, can sometimes be wrong or far worse. Having said that, it always comes back to the evidence, and in this regard, Dr. Campbell is pretty much unrivaled. 
What about your doctor? Do you think that he or she knows best?  Here is an excellent excerpt from Dr. Campbell that addresses the issue of why so many medical professionals know so little about the power of plant-based nutrition: “Not a single US medical school trains doctors in nutrition. Of the approximately 130 official medical specialties for which services can be reimbursed, nutrition isn’t one of them. Doctors and nurses are the face of health care, responsible for delivering information and treatment to the public, yet they’re given no financial reimbursement for nutritional services or education on the medical marvels of nutrition. It’s as if they’ve been blindfolded, spun round and round, and asked to lead the way. Is it any surprise that they sometimes seem to be stumbling in the dark?” I like that explanation.  
Why am I bringing all of this up? The Nobel Prize in Medicine has never recognized the power of healthy nutrition. Please read the full petition below and provide your signature so that Dr. T. Colin Campbell can be properly acknowledged for his life saving, and game changing work. Thank you!
Excerpt: Petition for Dr. T. Colin Campbell to Receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine: The Nobel Prize in Medicine is awarded to people whose work is transformative and translational. Dr. Campbell’s primary discovery in human health has the power to benefit every person born into this world. It also is the most important tool now available for slowing climate change before reaching a point of no return; animal agriculture has been well established by leading authorities as the leading cause of global warming. In recognizing Dr. Campbell’s groundbreaking research, the Nobel Committee has an opportunity to bring further attention to one of the most important health truths ever discovered: the extraordinary ability of plant-based nutrition to maintain health and prevent and reverse disease.
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