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AVO, Nashville, TN

I am 2 for 2 with meals so far on my trip through the Southeastern part of the US. I was spoiled once again, as I enjoyed another excellent meal at “AVO” in Nashville, TN. I had the Arancini appetizer which knocked me out (fried risotto, romesco, and lemon aioli), as well as the Nachos (cauliflower-walnut chorizo, coconut queso, lettuce, jalapeños, cilantro, salsa roja & verde, cashew sour cream), and the Mushroom Bourguignon (roasted mushrooms, carrots & parsnips in a Red Wine gravy served w/Garlic mashed potatoes & spinach salad). Wowee. I met Kris (bartender) and Rachel (server) who were both lovely. Bottom line? I will be back for sure. Highly recommended of course!  🙂

Click here for the AVO restaurant website. 

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