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Veggie Grill, Cambridge, MA

Have you been to a Veggie Grill restaurant? Veggie Grill is the largest vegan restaurant company in the U.S., and has a total of 33 restaurants across 5 states (California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and New York). After a long drive, and a visit to the JFK Presidential Library & Museum, we were definitely in the mood for some delicious, healthy food, and Veggie Grill did not disappoint. We tried their new location in Cambridge’s Harvard Square, and we had a blast (it didn’t hurt that spring was in the air, rainbow flags appeared in storefronts, the Celtics played a game 7, and everyone from everywhere enjoyed a street festival). Veggie grill is an entirely vegan restaurant (all non-gmos) that offers a surprisingly wide variety of choices on their menu. Our first selection was the sweet potato fries with aioli sauce (250-350 calories), and they pretty much rocked. Next up, I chose the Masala Chickpea Curry Bowl with roasted butternut squash, turmeric cauliflower and braised cabbage served over masala-spiced chickpea curry, brown rice and cilantro (w/ tempeh, 870 calories). It was excellent, and soon devoured as well. My better half ordered the 7 Layer Bowl, which contained layers of brown rice, lettuce, ranchero beans, vegan cheddar cheese, pico de gallo, chipotle crèma and mashed avocado (610-920 calories). She has an aversion to any kind of cheese (even vegan), and as she was beginning to brush it off her dish, the manager Manny raced over and offered to make her an entirely new entree (she accepted, and I ate the leftovers with the vegan cheese later that night). Thank you Manny! There was no additional charge for the replacement dish, as Manny and the Veggie Grill staff couldn’t have been friendlier or more attentive. The restaurant is clean, and they offer free refills on their lemonade and unsweetened iced tea. Veggie Grill’s website is really well done too, and they even have a “Nutrition Information” page for each dish on their menu. Very cool!

The founders of Veggie Grill believe in the following 3 principles:
1. Delicious food brings people joy!
2. The current food system based on industrial livestock production is not sustainable, humane or healthy.
3. Great plant-based restaurants will change food culture for the better

The Bottom line? Everything was great at the Veggie Grill in Harvard Square, and we will no doubt be back! 🙂

Click here for the Veggie Grill website.
Click here for Veggie Grill’s Nutrition and Allergen Menu.
Click here for the regular Veggie Grill Menu.

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