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The Blue Zones & Happiness

Have you heard of the Blue Zones and the remarkable work of Dan Buettner? Dan Buettner studied 5 different parts of the world that had/boasted the highest per capita populations of centenarians – people who thrive to 100 and beyond. He discovered that the people who live the longest and most fulfilling lives, eat a 95-100% plant based diet. There are other important factors too for increased longevity, and happiness, including love, a sense of community, physical activity, laughter, social interactions, and having a sense of purpose.

Favorite takeaway? An 85 year old wise man from Latin America on the keys to happiness: 1. Eat without gluttony (hopefully plant based) 2. Drink without getting drunk 3. Love without Jealousy 4. Never argue 5. And occasionally, with great discretion, misbehave

Click here for Dan Buettner’s excellent presentation on The Blue Zones of Happiness. 
Click here to learn more about 20 habits that can lead to a healthier, happier life. 

Source: The Blue Zones of Happiness, Dan Buettner

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