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Pizza Uno, Washington, DC

A recent visit to a Pizza Uno restaurant in Washington, DC, reminded me that it is possible to have an enjoyable vegan meal at a fast food restaurant. The tasty fare was made even better by the excellent service from the resident bartenders Daisha and Mecca, who, because of their warm and fun energy, transformed the Union Station eatery into a friendly neighborhood bar. As I was waiting for my bus out of town, I remembered that the Pizza Uno chain used to offer vegan pizza and Redbridge beer (which is a fine Anheuser-Busch ale that is both vegan friendly, and gluten free), so I thought that it was worth checking out. Unfortunately, they were out of Redbridge, but I was happy to see that they still had the vegan pizza options on their menu (with a gluten free crust no less). I ordered the Vegan Garden Pizza which is topped with vegan cheese, fresh spinach, roasted veggies, mushrooms, seasoned cherry tomatoes and pizza sauce. It really was as good as it sounds and nothing short of delicious, even with a Perrier carbonated water! I was also seated between a fellow demonstrator who was in DC for the same reason that I was (The Poor People’s Campaign March), and a young videographer from Cleveland who was covering the event. We had a blast, and I kind of wished that everyone lived and worked closer to my neck of the woods. 🙂  It was a great way to cap off a hectic, yet satisfying couple of days.

The bottom line on the vegan options, and my fast food experience at Union Station’s Pizza Uno restaurant in Washington, DC? Recommended, of course! I will be back. 🙂

Click here for a link to the Pizza Uno restaurant in Washington, DC.
Click here to learn more about Redbridge beer.
Click here for a link to which will tell you which beers, wine and liquors are vegan friendly.
Click here for the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival’s website.

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