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How to Avoid Acid Reflux Heartburn

One out of every four people in the US suffers from Acid Reflux Heartburn (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, or GERD) on a weekly basis.

What are the causes? Studies show that dietary fat increase is associated with an increased risk for acid reflux heartburn, whereas high fiber intake reduces the risk. Dr. Angie Sadeghi, MD, specializes in gastroenterology, and has only recently landed on my radar. She explains that the 3 biggest causes of acid reflux heartburn are the following:

1. Fat from meat, dairy, eggs, and processed foods.
2. Alcohol
3. Obesity

Dr. Sadeghi recommends eating a whole food plant based diet, lessening or eliminating alcohol consumption, losing weight, and drinking aloe vera juice (preferably unsweetened, and homemade!).

In this 5 minute discussion, Dr. Sadeghi explains that it is not the tomato sauce in the pizza that is causing the GERD, it is the fat in the cheese!

Click here for the video.

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