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Honest Greens, Barcelona, Spain

Honest Greens is a chain of 14 restaurants that are located throughout Spain, and Portugal. The original eatery started as a dream amongst three friends who “were frustrated by their inability to find food that was healthy and delicious, but also quick and affordable.” Although the Honest Greens website falsely claims that they are “democratizing healthy eating” (an impossibility so long as they serve animal products), the plant-based dishes were really good, and the staff was friendly too.

The restaurant has a crunchy feel, and was full of young hipster types (we fit right in, even though I have never been accused of being hip!). And although it was packed and hectic, we still enjoyed our meals, and had a good time. I started off with a bottle of Honest Green’s cold pressed juice, and an order of “Ben’s sweet potato fries”, that were served with beet ketchup, plant based aioli sauce, and coriander. After such a fun and delicious start, I then dug into a Latin Lover Garden Bowl, which included brown rice, warm beans, kale, coriander, red cabbage, corn, onion, avocado, cucumber, homemade pickled jalapenos, and pico de gallo. The dish was topped with plant-based sour cream sauce, roasted jalapeno, and was pretty special. I wasn’t surprised to learn later that one of the founders had worked at a Michelin star restaurant, as the flavors popped, and I found myself humming and dancing in my seat. 🙂

The bottom line on the plant-based options at Honest Greens? A thumbs up, for sure. 🙂

Click here for the Honest Greens website.  

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