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Dr. David Katz, and COVID-19

Nobody has made more sense to me throughout the COVID-19 experience than Dr. David Katz. It seems that too often there are only two schools of thought on the crisis, and unfortunately, both seem seriously flawed.

“Everybody back to the world now” means a high, unacceptable rate of severe infection and death among those at elevated risk.

“Hunker in a bunker until there’s a vaccine” ignores the potentially massive adverse health effects of social determinants of health as lives, livelihoods, goods, services, and supply chains are disrupted and degraded.”

Dr. Katz has long been a trusted source with regards to lifestyle medicine and nutrition, and he has argued for weeks for a surgical approach to dealing with the coronavirus (see NY Times link below), where more resources are used to protect and support those who are most vulnerable, while allowing those at lower risk to return to work, and for society to begin to return to normal.

Dr. Katz is the president the True Health Initiative, and they have developed a non-partisan, evidence based strategy to the COVID-19 pandemic called Total Harm Minimization. Will our government consider employing such a common sense national response that is based on science and compassion? Probably not, although Dr. Katz was recently asked to share his data/ideas with the Homeland Security Committee. So, perhaps there is hope.


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