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Democrats and the Art of Pretending to Care

My Two Cents: Too many democrats refuse to be honest about the criminal history and actions of Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and the democratic party. Too many democrats, white and black, choose to pretend that the appalling injustices caused by the US government, both at home and abroad, are just the costs of a so-called “democracy”. Too many democrats are willfully blind and don’t want to think about the destructive implications of the food on their plates, or the messaging on TV that peddles poisonous food to our children, and glorifies the military, wars, celebrities, and capitalism. Too many democrats are emotionally tethered to the DNC, and still think that greed is good, rather than a mental illness. Too many Americans (mostly white) want to pretend that they are for justice and equality, just so long as it doesn’t impact who moves into their neighborhood, their vacation plans, their ability to wear the latest fashion, or buy their 2nd and 3rd cars, and homes. Too many democrats think that it is okay for nearly half of Americans to be low income or living in poverty, and for most of these people to have no health insurance, or be underinsured (and just one emergency away from financial ruin). Too many democrats are loyal only to corporations and billionaires, and can rail all day on the Trumps of the world, but will never be honest or critical about their own political “heroes”. Too many democrats think that lying, crimes against humanity, and wars are normal, and that it is okay to prosecute, and even kill whistleblowers and journalists. Most people are good, but too many democrats are full of it. I gave up on the GOP long ago, and I have felt the same way about the DNC for some time now too. Other than a revolution, there is still a small reason for hope, but only if enough democrats stop pretending, and start looking in the mirror. It has been my experience that most democrats only pretend to care, because at the end of the day, they don’t give a sh*t either. Clearly, capitalism, and a corrupt two party system doesn’t work.
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